I always will remember well the day we went away,

Sailing out of Belfast in the mornin',

Our hopes were on tomorrow as we kissed the girls goodbye,

And our dreams were on the day of our returnin'.



There'll be dancin', romancin', and never more we'll roam,

There'll be rollin' in the hay, there'll be whiskey in the tay
When the boys come rolling home.


We safely reached the other side in New York City fair;
In spite of wind and rain and stormy weather,
We all sat down and drank a glass, and wished each other well,
And we said that we'd be goin' back together.



Now Joe he went to Boston, and Sam to Buffalo,
And Pat went out as far as California;
I used to get some letters then, but that was long ago;
And they always spoke of Ireland and returning.



I must be over 90 now, my grandson's by my bed;
And here I'm in Chicago and still schemin';
He says he'll take me back again to rest my weary head;
And I'll leave him a legacy of free men.